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"TSSNA Registration Guidelines"

Register A Teeswater
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1) First cross must be via A.I. with 100% Teeswater semen.

2) Percentages will be calculated by actual percentage as follows:
Ram % + Ewe % = __ divided by 2 = __
100% + 50 % = 150 / 2 = 75%.
100 % + 75% = 175 / 2 = 87.5

All results will be rounded down and truncated to the lst decimal point.
Example: 87.50% + 93.75% = 181.25 / 2 = 90.63 Rounded down and Truncated to 90.6% Once animals reach 96% or higher they will be declared North American Purebred and their true percentage will be used to calculate the percentage of their offspring."

TSSNA provides a registry to record the progress through the upgrading program.

* For the purpose of continuity we will try to use the existing ATSA Registration number along with the Breeder Code, New registrations will begin at 3000.

Foundation Ewes must be registered or recorded with the appropiate sheep associations or registries.

The TSSNA Registry will accept Foundation Ewes of Non or Low Percentage Teeswater blood into the TSSNA Foundation Ewe Registry. Members must provide a copy of registration or recording from the following associations.

* Cotswold * Leicester Long wool. * Lincoln. * Wensleydale
* The American Cotswold Record Association
* Leicester Longwool Sheep Breeders Association
* National Lincoln Sheep Breeders Association
* The North American Wensleydale Sheep Association
*American Teeswater Sheep Association

(all lambs of these foundation ewes * Border Leicester. * Blue Faced Leicester must be born before July 1, 2014 and registered before January 1, 2015)

(4 B ) A.I. RAMS
AI rams will be accepted into the TSSNA registry, A.I. Ram candidates must have a 3-generation pedigree presented to the Secretary of the TSSNA and the animal must be registered with the appropriate Teeswater breed organization in their country of origin before they can be registered with the TSSNA. He must be 100% Teeswater and RR at Codon 171.

Existing TSSNA registered rams who wish to be designated for use as an A.I. Rams must be registered with TSSNA as a “Certified Purebred Teeswater”. (See CERTIFIED NORTH AMERICAN PUREBRED TEESWATER definition)

Offspring of F1 Registered sheep may be registered as Pedigree Certified if they have a Teeswater blood % of 50% or greater for ewes, or a Teeswater blood % of 75% or greater for rams with RR for Codon 171.

(4 D ) CERTIFIED NORTH AMERICAN PUREBRED TEESWATER REGISTRATION To obtain Certified Pureblood Teeswater Registration, Candidates and sire and dam must be registered with ATSA/TSSNA and have reached 96% or greater Teeswater blood percentage and RR at Codon 171 for Rams. (Once animals reach 96% or higher they will be declared North American Purebred and their true percentage will be used to calculate the percentage of their offspring.)

** In the event imported 100% Teeswater semen is not available in North America, first cross natural breedings with foundation ewes may be recorded with the TSSNA if the percentage of the animals to be recorded is a minimum of 48% Teeswater genetics. Prior to such a breeding, a request to do so must be made to the TSSNA Board of Directors and approval given in order for progeny of such a first cross to be recorded with the TSSNA. The offspring of such recorded ewes must be 50% or higher Teeswater genetics to be recorded with the TSSNA.

**Percentage Teeswater Sheep registered with The American Teeswater Sheep Association shall be eligible for registration with the Teeswater Sheep Society of North America with a copy of the ATSA registration certificate.

April, 7, 2014

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